Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It's been way too long since I've featured another photographer on here (well I guess that's what you get for not blogging for so long), so without further ado, I present you Kevin Hsia.

Kevin's based in Chicago, shoots analog only (and shoots it well if I might add) and I think you all need to see these.
Below you'll find a set of pictures from 2 collections, the first few are from a hiking trip in Colorado - some breathtaking landscapes that make you want to pack your backpack and leave on a hiking trip yourself - and the second part are from a trip to France - Paris & Versailles to be more exact. I haven't been to Versailles in wintertime but the picture of the gardens covered in snow is kind of magical.

All in all, some wonderful shots, so get over to his portfolio, flickr, blog, Facebook or Tumblr to see more of his work , OR, check out his latest mixes over on soundcloud, he's currently DJing in Chicago (think French house/Nu Disco)...!

All pictures courtesy of Kevin Hsia


Mat said...

these have a great feel to them, very adventurous

Agata Wijaya said...

all the photo is really beautiful :D
nice captured that he did :O

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh! I've seen the snowy gardens picture on Tumblr bunches of times, but never really knew (or either didn't pay attention to) who it was by ... Those first couple pictures are stunning, the second one is a rather clever perspective I hadn't really seen in a photo before, and originality is rare these days, so props to him!

Wonderful post, and I hope you're well, Stefanie. <3


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