Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'll be back in 5-6 weeks, so see you soon!
While I'm away, you'll have plenty of time to visit other blogs, so I've put together a little list of links & things you should check out.

If you need me, I'll still be around on the following channels (oh and pop me in your reader if you want to be notified when I get back to posting!)
//TWITTER (recently changed twitter name btw!)//INSTAGRAM (look for 'stefanieloes')//FACEBOOK//TUMBLR (my songs of the day)//SVPPLY//

Happy New Year to all and see you in the new year! X

Blogs you should check out:
- 70% pure: Fashion, design, travel, etc.
- Coincidental Happenings: Some truly inspiring stuff (illustration, music, etc.)
- Freunde von Freunden: peeking inside people's homes
- Ismay Ozga: just a recent discovery of mine, but a really really great one!
- Krisatomic: Illustration & photography
- Nicolette Mason: Fashion!
- Park & Cube: More fashion!
- smitten kitchen: YUMMY food
- ssssound!: music
- Style For Guys: Fashion, for BOYS!
- Superwowomg: MORE fashion!
- Tales of Endearment: Fashion, but vintage!
- Too Many Sebastians: Music
- The (Fashion) Hash: Yup, more fashion!
- ungt blod: Meet Mette & family!

A few bits & pieces:
- 3.1 Phillip Lim's prefall collection. Because it is, uhm, amazing.

- This look from the Céline Resort 2012 collection (The Gentlewoman #4 Autumn/Winter 2011, photograph by Zoë Ghertner):

- Opening Ceremony Resort 2012:

Tommy Ton's best off-runway fashion statements of 2011
. Let's all practice 'The Joos' pose!:


mette / ungt blod said...

uhh gonna miss you! thank you for the link and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

denise said...

Stefanieeee Happy New YEar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for including me on your list *blussshhhh*

Nadia said...

Those Celine florals are insane! Have a great time away xxx

nicolette said...

thank you for the link!!!

ps - asos is doing more than a handful of pieces in exactly the same print as celine... like, EXACTLY.

the goorgeous said...

celine resort ♥ ♥ ♥

0000 said...

Love all the prints in the upcoming season--so nice and feminine! I also love the almost wallpaper-esque prints that have been going around from Celine to Zara! They're so fresh and bold!

Ana Magdalena said...

enjoy your little break. Thanks for the links.

Dali said...

Thanks for the links :)


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