Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Does the name Dion Lee ring a bell? Well if it doesn't, shame on you, you're missing out.

His designs are always so well built (you can see a lot of thought is put into them), they're almost architectural: think laser cut patterns, incredible shapes, cut-outs and lines and... You get the point.
Catch up on his work here (seriously, do it) and then go pick out a piece you'd like santa to bring you this Christmas. I'll take this one Mister Claus:

Image from Maximillia

And for today's tune, something Australian seemed fitting (since today's designer is Australian...!). That's Cut Copy - Need You Now (from their Zonoscope album, yes, that's ANOTHER album you need to check out).


Nádia said...

WOW, indeed, he is amazing!

GIVEAWAY – Burgundy sweater – LAST HOUR!!!

Lucinda said...

I went to the best Dion Lee sale last Friday and picked up a sheer black shirt for a fraction of the retail price. His eye for tailoring is amazing.


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