Sunday, December 4, 2011


Roses, peonies, mandarin, amber,... reason enough to like this Stella McCartney perfume. BUT, there's more. These pretty bottles (which contain the regular 'Stella' perfume) got released back in august, they feature prints from her spring/summer collection and are -surprise, surprise- limited edition. Must. Collect. Them. All. AAH!

For now, I'm still using McCartney's 'Stella in Two', but when I finish that bottle I might have to switch to one of these...
By the way, that 'Stella in Two' is kind of super awesome because it comes in two forms (hence the name): there's the regular eau de toilette which is the peony part of the perfume and then there's a solid perfume, the amber part. You can mix in both as much as you like, or use more amber at night, etc. Endless possibilities! And that's kind of why I like it (also because I love amber & peonies).

But back to the 'Stella' perfume:

Top Notes: Rose Essence, Peony, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose Absolute
Base Notes: Wood Notes, Amber

I don't know to what extent these are sold out, because as I mentioned earlier, these are limited edition and were released a few months ago, BUT, you can still find them here (but hurry up, not many left).

Images via Escentual

And no real tune of the day today, but an accompanying video, equally fun.
(BUT, if you really want a tune, the song featured in the video is "Love, What You Doing?" by We Have Band!)


Diana said...

what beautiful packaging. Even after finishing the perfume, it's worth keeping :D very curious about what they smell like. thanks for the rec~
xoxo Diana

Immi said...

Oh my, those are the prettiest perfume bottles EVARR xo

Michaela Scalisi said...

so lovely :)

My blog
xx Michaela

soniadeli said...

These are really beautiful bottles. They're going straight to my Christmas list :)


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