Friday, December 2, 2011


We're only at day 2 of this advent calendar and I'm already talking shoes... Penny loafers to be exact. PONY.HAIRED.PENNY.LOAFERS. These are quite spectacular. And I luuurve them (for those of you who don't get the reference: watch Woody Allen's Annie Hall).

The nice people over at UPR sent these Tommy Hilfiger Bass loafers over actually and I couldn't be more thankful. *HAPPY FACE*

Tune of the day: !!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are BASS (get it? BASS? - sorry for my poor sense of humor haha.)


Mat said...

those loafs are mad cool, nice

Jessica Lauren said...

While searching through the archives long forgotten in the back of my armoire I was glad to have found velvet loafers from my middle school years. They are in pristine condition and begging me to bring them out of their recession.

Your loafers are just lovely!


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