Saturday, December 17, 2011


Time to get some furniture in here. This is a step from the Seattle based Iacoli & McAllister, but I could've picked any of their products really.

From their 'about' page:
"More than anything else we really want to make beautiful things, things that people want to live with.
It’s about beauty, quality and style"

Hear, hear.

I'm sure you'll agree with me this looks a MILLION times better than that lame old step you've got in the back of your closet, am I right? Loving their coffee table & Panca as well, and... oooh so many pretty things to choose from!
They're still looking for a manufacturer for this particular model though, so if you know of any, be sure to let them know ;)

Picture from Iacoli & McAllister

Tune of the day: Lo-Fi-Fnk - Steppin' Out

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