Tuesday, December 13, 2011


That's a Christmas edition Comme des Garçons coin holder you're looking at, people. Pretty neat, right? It feels like you're looking at 100 christmas balls all at once or having your own decorated Christmas tree right in your pocket. Awesome!

Pictures from Oki-Ni

Tune of the day: Yelle - à cause des garçons
I'll have to admit though, I stopped listening to Yelle after this album (Pop-up), probably à cause de that horrible, horrible Crookers song she did.
But... this song, still fun. (absolute favourite of that Pop-Up album is still Tristesse/Joie though!)


kittenmasks said...

Rather than that version, I like this version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqYhuwu614Y

I saw that video at least 25x in one month in 2008. It still cracks me up. How is it possible for his arms to move like that?!?!

STEFANIE said...

@kittenmasks: haha, I somehow knew someone would bring up that video ;) Ooh watched that one a LOT as well, back in 2008 when tecktonik was still the cool thing to do! haha.

les petites pestes said...

Oowwwwwww i like that! Nevervreally understood the hpe of the CDG wallets, but this one... I mean.... Gorgeous!!!

Mat said...

that is a right bling-athon. i've got a CDG wallet but it a plain bright blue colour. they look a good as but aren't so durable

Eloise said...

This is so cute, looks likt a mermaids tail!



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