Saturday, December 10, 2011


Say 'CHEEESE!' *Click*

I love cameras and I would LOVE a closet filled with different types of cameras (big, small, vintage, analog, digital,...) but that would be one hell of a hobby - expensive. BUT, I do think a camera is one of those crucial things everyone should have. It's such a joy to look back to old pictures, remembering that day when you had so much fun with your friends, or when you went on that perfect holiday... A day is not complete if you haven't shot a picture, right? (yup, I'm one of *those* people. Hit me up on instagram -@stefanieloes- or Flickr if you care!).

Let me tell you a secret though, if you, like me, love photography, but don't have a big money tree in your yard, get an old model! Technology these days changes so fast you can't ever keep up. If you're eyeing a model, wait a few months for its successor to be released and get your hands on that now discounted model! #bigwin

So, what's the latest and greatest one on my imaginary (the one that says "You definitely don't have the money to buy this in the next few years") wishlist? The Fujifilm X10 - little bro' of the X100, which I'm sure is even better, but is so far out of my price range it's ridiculous. The X10 is another one of those Micro Four Thirds cameras: not quite an SLR, definitely not a compact, just... a small camera with interchangeable lenses you'll love to death.

(and in case you were wondering: my dear dear camera is an Olympus PEN E-PL1, a micro four thirds camera as well and SO worth the investement)

Tune of the day: Junior Boys - Sneak a picture

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the gorgeous said...

this seems an amazing one! I have canon G12 and I'm super proud of it, photos are marvelous and there are infinite of options to play with ;)
have a lovely week!


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