Saturday, October 15, 2011


Took these last month during my trip to Norway - more to come but I'm still working on them...!

More soon on Flickr

(And before anyone asks, no there's nothing wrong with your eyes, it's just a tilt-shift filter on my camera.)


Raez said...

beautiful images! The tiltshift filter makes the landscapes look so cool and as if they were miniature models, especially the one with the cows!

xx Raez

hannah said...

this photos are absolutely brilliant. seriously gorgeous shots. well done!



Gerlin said...

Waaauuuuwwww!!!! Ik wil meer! En zoals hier al werd gezegd, lijkt idd miniatuur :-)

kittenmasks said...

Ohmygod, the first two photos look like some type of town model, not something you see in real life. Idyllic!

Ilse said...

haha ik moest eerst even twee keer kijken of er idd niets mis was met m'n ogen :P vet effect, helemaal met die prachtige locatie..

the gorgeous said...

this seems a faily tale! ♥

tessa said...

gorgeous photos!
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Mat said...

blims, i don't understand what that lens did but it sure did some good work

Bardotty said...

Fantastic! The first and second are perfect. Do tell more about the lens. X


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