Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've never actually owned a calendar, one to hang on my wall that is, but my wall could use a little something something...

I've got 2 great calendars for 2012 to show you, the first one's by Norwegian Darling Clementine (top left & bottom right), the second one is the botanical calendar by Rifle Paper Co. Now for the hard part, which one would you pick? ;)

Images via Darling Clementine & Rifle Paper


Susanna-Cole King said...

I have a calendar hanging in my ... closet, haha. You can see I put planning and scheduling at a real priority! (Sarcasm! ... I don't really plan out anything, in advance.)

However, with calendars as lovely as these, while I might not catch the "scheduling" bug, I would fancy looking at them on my wall. I think I favor the Darling Clementine one, but only by a bit.

Hope you're well, Stefanie!

Mat said...

oh i dunno, maybe the one on the right. i have a dali one

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