Friday, August 12, 2011


I don't know about you, but I appreciate a good eyebrow. And yes, I do appreciate everything that helps you GET a perfect eyebrow. You can go to a fancy beauty center to let professionals do it for you OR you can do it yourself with some east tips & tricks.

And this is what landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, some info about the "Beauty Express" brow-kit by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I have to admit, I didn't know about this brand before, but Anastasia Soare has been around for a while! She is the absolute go-to for brows and has long been the definitive eye and brow expert for icons such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah as well as hip up-and-comers like Diana Agron, Selena Gomez and Kristen Cavalari.

So apparently all you need for perfect eyebrows is a wax, a powder (matched to your eyebrow colour) and some highlighter. There are 5 eyebrow stencils in the kit as well, one to suit each shape and it comes with a great instructional video, check it out below.

I'm curious, what do you think? If you want to try it out, Anastasia's products (skincare as well as make-up!) are available at Sephora as well as on her website.
And... if you have any great tips & tricks for perfect eyebrows to share, please do!


Raez said...

Haha, I love talking about eyebrows! I think this kit is perfect for those who aren't sure about the perfect eyebrow shape for themselves. Personally, I think it's pretty pricey and I don't think you will need this if you know how to find your own shape as she described: aline with nose, outer corner and iris. I mean, that's what I did at thirteen and it was pretty easy.


Petra said...

Da's een handige post!

SteffyRoos said...

Ja dat is echt heel mooi! Heb het een keer bij de Bijenkorf laten doen, ze maken een hele mooie vorm ervan vond ik :)

Stef /


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