Thursday, July 28, 2011


Pics from a weekend spent at the seaside. And this doesn't necessarily involve beaches obviously.

(OH OK you got me, see, a beach! Just to prove I was actually there.)
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Susanna-Cole King said...

Beaches and fields stretching all around ... looks wonderful! There's few things that I find more blissful than a trip to the sea.

I always love it when I reach your comment (in replying to comments on my blog, in chronological order). Not that I don't appreciate the others, but seeing a familiar face is always so nice!

Hope you're well, my friend. <3


denise said...

love the second sunset picture!!! the colours are so rich and gorgeous..also those little huts on the beach! So cute! Wish we had those in Hong Kong too!

Bie M'as-tu vu said...

and you've got such a nice weather!! very pretty pics

0000 said...

Gorgeous photos. I particularly love the one with the field (2nd photo); it's just got such a nice atmosphere to it!

Carolyn said...

wow darling photos! looks like a DREAM

liana said...

LOVE this post.
I crave summer!

saigon said...

this is more like countryside, but at the end the beach. so beach after all

Laura said...

Naar waar ben je geweest aan zee? Ik woon af en toe in Nieuwpoort en Oostduinkerke... :)


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