Saturday, July 2, 2011


Anyone of you followed the mens fashion weeks? I have to admit I didn't really take a good look at each and every one of them, except for maybe the Louis Vuitton show, which you'll see below. I liked the soft whites, beiges and navy mixed with bright red and blue. Seriously, I bet those colours can make anyone look good. Simple and a bit understated, just the way I like it.

Please do share your favourites of the mens shows, I'd love to hear your opinions! (I heard Prada was a bit of a 'love it or hate it' kind of show?)


iñaki said...

I LO-o-o-O-o-O-o-VED Louis Vuitton!!!

Beautiful post too!


ELIXE said...

i never really like vuitton menswear
but the bags this season we BANANAS.
like flawless

Mat said...

i followed it on course, man my fav? hmmmm

calvin klein was pretty interesting with the bigness
jil sander i liked even though it didn't seem to go down that well
paul smith cos he can do no wrong with me

that's all i can remember now, oh and just assume comme des garcons was good

Christian louboutin online shop said...

it's great!


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