Sunday, May 29, 2011


Opening Ceremony's first editorial, and I'm loving it.
If you like these, be sure to check out the behind the scenes snaps, super fun!

PHOTOGRAPHY: William Eadon
MODELS: Zippora Seven, Claire Birkholz
STYLING: Daria Radlinski

All pictures from Opening Ceremony


Lucía said...

Lovely editorial. Thank you so much for the comment :)

2heels1flash said...


what a fantastic shoot!

follow you!

Laura said...

Amazing pictures!!
That truly is a gorgeous editorial!


Nathalia said...

wow this is so colorful! i love iT!!
thank you for stopping by my blog! hope you liked it!
Viaggio Della Farfalla
The Key Item

2moss said...

oh i love everything that opening ceremony does/sells...and this ones no exception!
oh, and yes, it was from 90210!
love your blog :)

Brigadeiro said...

Love the vibrant colours, and those PS1's!!! *drool*

Rianna Bethany said...

fab editorial, love all the looks they have gone for


New York Don't Leave Me said...

All these looks are so great! Love OC!

daisychain said...

Oh these are just divine! x

Mila said...

I think I am in love!

Cloé said...

Cas photos sont super belles , j'adore ! Je veux tous ces vêtements et surtout les sac :)

Raya said...

wow amazing!

Bardotty said...

You know, I ve never told you this but apart from delicious treats Opening Ceremony makes me think of you ; x

Tamara said...

Love it! I'm amazed by the pale yellow outfit in the third row, so beautiful.

iñaki said...

I looooove the Versus dress at the top!


Jan said...

Oh wow I love all the photo's and outfits in this post,
especially the bags are amazing!
Love it!

The Daily Tiara said...

I love all of these photos! I wish I had every one of those bags :)

Bad Joan said...

All of these looks are great! Love the orange dress look the best.

Shelby said...

great post, this editorial looks amazing!! all of the photos are so fun, especially with the bright punchy colors in the clothing and accessories. i want it all!! <3shelby

0000 said...

Love the color in the photos--I'm so glad that the fashion industry is coming out of the monochrome phase that it went through during the worst of the recession. On the other hand, I'm not sure how I feel about the PS bag in each photo. I'm sure OC sells/carries a lot of PS bags, but I feel like some of these photos could have benefitted from different bags once in a while (like some CDG pouches or McQueen brass knuckle clutches)! As it is, I feel like the editorial is more like an ad, and it's not as creative as it could be. Not sure if OC and PS signed a contract so it would turn out like this, though!


i think i like the outcome. what i love so much about OC is how it stays grounded with its asian influence combined with the city aesthetics. it seems raw, young, fun, and edgy in a city vibe.

one big remark is that i don't zippy seven made the most out of this ed. as much as i love zippora, i still prefer whoever else that stands a better chance of newfound fun. maybe jen brill should do better deeds (despite her petite figures, but come on, she's a chinatown-based new yorker, a real deal!).



R. Gratz said...

Opening Ceremony has been an amazingly rad force in the fashion game and it's great to see that they're still as epic in their first editorial. That Proenza Schouler bag is just something else... I really want one so I can make it into a messenger/briefcase for class. Great look!

Adele said...

I love almost everything from Opening Ceremony, they always has beautiful things ! This editorial is really beautiful, I love the colours, and the clothes of course.

angie said...

wow these shots are great!

M said...

Long time, no see.
Yes, indeed. I do like it...reminds me of a candy shop. Sweeeetnesss!

Great stuff in here.

Take care,


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