Thursday, May 5, 2011


Mmmmmm.... Chocolate!
I want to taste these SO bad right now.

Pictures courtesy of Marcolini

So what is it? Well, this is the latest creation of chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. Fruity bonbons from the 'Pastel' collection, no sugar, a hint of salt and of course, wrapped in white, milk or dark chocolate. You say yum, I say NOM!

Pictures courtesy of Marcolini

And this, my friends, is a Daiquiri macaron. I seriously wonder how people come up with these things! And come on, macarons look (and ARE) delicious, but this looks even better than the regular ones.

Go get yourself some of this goodness, they should be available right now! - I'm afraid you'll have to live in either Belgium, France, the UK or Japan to get to one of his shops though... (more info here)OR, you could come visit me in Belgium! Don't forget to bring me some of those bonbons too please. ;)


Carolyn said...

daiquiri macaron?? that sounds HEAVENLY. it looks so delicate and pretty too

Phara said...

That macaron looks so tasty. I want it...NOW.

iñaki said...

You have a beautiful blog!



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