Sunday, May 8, 2011


Picture by Cecilia Austin. (Totally random pic btw, but this post needed something)

I LOVE music, but I always found it didn't quite fit in at Yes Please Mademoiselle (give or take a few posts where I mention some music, but not quite talk about it really). Then came twitter and I started a 'Song of the day' category. Unfortunately, the more tweets you get, the less easy it is to check out previous songs of the days. So I thought a tumblr would be the best platform to fill in the gap. Easy navigation, easy to keep up, like & share with others etc.

If you can't keep up with what's where or why etc., let me break it down for you:

- Yes Please Mademoiselle - You are HERE!
- Facebook - Get your updates on new posts PLUS some links to cool stuff etc.
- Bloglovin - Get your updates on new posts from all your favourite blogs
- Twitter - Talk to me, share an opinion or just be one of those 'silent followers' (who I appreciate just as much!) and follow my day-to-day life
- Tumblr 1: "Today, the day before and the day before" - Places I've been, things I've seen
- Tumblr 2: "Music Please Mademoiselle" - THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO SHOW YOU!! Music all day, everyday. Songs of the day.
- FFFFOUND - Top notch collection of images, design, etc. (the best website out there really)
- SVPPLY - Window shopping deluxe!

It seems like there have been a lot of changes this week (first moving to my own domain, then this), but change is good, right?!
So, if you're into music as much as I am, check it out & spread the word!

A preview of what to expect, this is Happy House by The Juan Maclean (=Juan Maclean + Nancy Whang who you may know from LCD Soundsystem,Soulwax, Shit Robot,.... fame?)


Melwa said...

And the image is absolutely gorgeous! :)

daily mix LA said...

great blog!!

modanista junkie said...

Who doesn't love music!! :) This song is pretty catchy. Love the beats!!


Tamara said...

Totally in favour of music all day long, well done!!

Claire M. said...

I love the music video :)

Claire M.

Steph said...

Busy bee! Love it :)


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