Sunday, April 3, 2011


And yet another wonderful editorial, this time courtesty of Vogue Australia featuring the ever wonderful Anja Rubik! I love the first picture so much, wouldn't mind having a very big print of that hanging on my wall!

Vogue Australia April 2011
Photography: Max Doyle
Model: Anja Rubik
Styling: Naomi Smith

All pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue


Sophia's Lover said...

Juliet says hey it’s romeo you nearly gimme a heart attack
He’s underneath the window she’s singing hey la my boyfriend’s back
You shouldn’t come around here singing up at people like that
Anyway what you gonna do about it ?


Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful indeed!


Cecille said...

waaaw! amazing pictures!!!

Lucie said...

I love this editorial - so beautiful!


Paul said...

Awesome photos! Anja Rubik is also great on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. :)

chuck n. said...

incredible editorial!

i love your blog! the layout and all is amazing!

Mandy said...

The pictures are wonderful! She is so beautiful :)

Jelka said...

Love it!

vivacious blonde said...

OH MY. This spread is so beautiful !! How fun is that sail on wheels? I would take that to beach and tool around on it all the time!

Anonymous said...

Hey there.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)
I love these summer shots. Really, make me miss summer soo much.

DaBlackSjp said...

Great post and pictures!
I like the color touch'


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