Sunday, April 24, 2011


I hope everyone is enjoying his/her Easter weekend! I'm surely enjoying mine, I'm at the seaside for the weekend - as you may or may not have gathered from my twitter: to escape the local Easter fair at home. There's nothing worse than an entire afternoon/night of screaming children when you're trying to study hard plus kids who like to ring your doorbell at 4 AM (I was not amused).

Anyway, enjoy the lovely weather and don't forget to eat LOADS of chocolate!

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Suzanne said...

I love this last image, did you make it yourself?

Tamara said...

Did you take these? They're beautiful! There's almost a pictorial feeling in the two first ones.

STEFANIE said...

@suzanne + Tamara: yes, they're mine :) Thanks!

Nina said...

i have to try a diy studded collar, these are amazing!!


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