Thursday, February 24, 2011


If it weren't for Colette's online store, I'm sure I would've missed out on a lot of cool things. Like for example, this bag by Fleet Ilya. I'm linking you to the site, but beware, some of it (if not all of it) is a bit NSFW.

See, that's the strength of Colette: they always find the right needles in the haystack that is the fashion business AND most of the time, they find it before anyone else does. Kudos to Sarah Lerfel, the woman behind this Parisian landmark. (I'm sure you've all seen pictures of her somewhere, she pops up regularly on the streetstyle blogs - looks a bit like a grown-up Tavi)

But yes, back to the bag I wanted to show you. This time I won't bother finding out more about the designer(s?) behind it, thanks to the rather S&M looking homepage who honestly creeped me out a bit. But the bag does look amazing.

All pictures via Colette


Silvana Querido said...




Stefanie said...

woahhhhh those are gorge

Ivania said...

beautiful and the colors are insane! loving that peach one

Alexandrie said...


Je suivre ton blog depuis presque une annee mais je n'ai decouvert qu'il y a deux secondes que tu etais belge.
Dans quelques mois je viendrai vivre a Brussels et je me demande si la vie la bas ressemble a celle de Paris.
Y a-t-il une vie fashion si active?

je suis tres curieuse...

stefanie said...

@Alexandrie: Aah oui, en effet, je suis belge :)
Je ne vis pas à BXL donc je ne sais pas comment ça ce passe là-bas, mais c'est une belle ville, ça c'est sûr! Une vie fashion... hmmm, je crois que c'est plus à Anvers, pas a BXL. Alors, si vous désirez savoir plus de BXL, il y a une bloguese bruxellois, elle pourra peut-être t'aider un peu plus :)

Alexandrie said...

Je te remercieeee!

Beatiful monsters said...

omg, love that Perfect!

besos .


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