Thursday, January 6, 2011


I told you about the new Marshall headphones a few weeks ago and thanks to the lovely Marie over at Oona, I had the chance to test them out last week.

So, are they good? Yes, definitely. If you need a new pair of headphones, I strongly suggest you to consider these. The sound is good, the fit (although a bit snug) is very good - good noise cancellation + it sits on your head and doesn't move (one of the problems I have with my current headphones is that they've loosened way too much). Oh and did I mention they look FANTASTIC? Yes. Understated, simple, black/white/gold. Perfect.

About 15cm of the cord is twisted so it can still stretch out a little. This seems like a minor 'design' feature, but it's actually very handy: the cord isn't too long (bending over/turning with a long cord can prove to be very difficult when you're not trying to hang yourself) but it's still long enough stretched out if you need it to be.

Folds to a little bundle - very handy if you don't want your headphones to fill half of you're bag when you're taking them with you.


Anahit said...

Cute blog!
I have a blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Ahhh these are some GORGEOUS headphones! I've been looking for a nice pair for a while since I've been DJ-ing so I will definitely check these out <3

Hope you can stop by THE FASHION SMOKE...

PhiePhie x

nicolette said...

give them to me, now. please?

Lesley said...

Jealous!!! I'm always looking for good headphones. I will have to check these out.

Jillian said...

gorgeous! jealous

the gorgeous said...

good stuff!

denise said...

awww damn saw these in a store and was dying to try them out!!


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