Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, after 25 days it's time to get on with the regular postings, right?
I thought I'd start with this wonderful editorial from interview magazine starring Elle Fanning, who's playing the lead roal in the new Sofia Coppola movie 'Somewhere' together with Stephen Dorff.

If you follow me on twitter or if you've visited the facebook page, you might have already noticed my slight obsession with the movie, well it's not really an obsession, I just really really REALLY want to see it. It doesn't come out untill the 5th of January and I doubt that I'll be able to catch it in the cinemas before February due to these silly things called exams, BUT, the long wait will definitely be worth it I'm sure.

All I could think about when I saw these pictures was: "How old is Elle actually?" So yes, I looked it up and well, she's only 12! She looks very mature for her age, doesn't she? Wow. Well, good for her, I'm loving her already, she'll be one to watch the next few years, that's for sure!

Pictures via Noir Façade

And as a little extra...
Both Sofia Coppola & Stephen Dorff were also featured in the latest Interview magazine, so it seemed only fair to get them up here as well, seeing as they're as much part of this movie as Elle is. Plus, the pictures are pretty much perfect as well.

Pictures from Interview magazine via Homotography

Elle's pictures: by Steven Pan
Sofia & Stephen's pictures: by Sebastian Kim
Both from Interview magazine december/january 2010


Shini said...

She's really only 12? She already exudes this air of maturity but somewhat different to Dakota's. Dakota's is almost an all-round (commercial?) face while Elle seems to have a very particular... can't wait to see Somewhere!

You always need a break now and then studying for exams!

heleen said...

Oh wauw, ik had de trailer nog niet gezien maar hij is zo mooiii! Nu wil ik de film ook snel gaan zien. Succes met de blok trouwens!

Ilse said...

ahh, Dakota's zusje toch? had de trailer ook nog nooit gezien en het ziet er zo cute uit!! :D nu ben ik ook benieuwd... good luck met het leren, ik moet blokken in m'n vakantie :(

auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

Wauw, mooi meisje, en nog maar 12? Lijkt me ook echt een goede film!

yiqin; said...

I love the plaits <3

the gorgeous said...

sopia and stephen looks amazing! ;)

Susanna-Cole King said...

Funny you should post this as I just finished seeing THE VIRGIN SUICIDES which is the first film by Sofia Coppola that I've seen, and it was enchanting and haunting and strangely familiar in a way. I've really been looking forward to SOMEWHERE since seeing the trailer, some time ago...

And oh, Elle doesn't look 12 at all, though she is so lovely. I remember her from PHEOBE IN WONDERLAND, a surprisingly delightful film.

Much merriment to you and yours for the new year, my friend!



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