Saturday, November 27, 2010


I reckon you all got enough colour from the last editorial I posted, so let's go all black & white today... I swear I didn't plan this, but the editorial was actually shot by the same photographer as the last one I posted, Hasse Nielsen! Seems like I found another photographer to put on my 'one to watch' list!

This editorial '1 Of Us' is from Contributor magazine (Issue Nº 02 Fall/Winter 2010), photographer is Hasse Nielsen, stylist is Robert Rydberg.

All pictures via Noir Façade


Stacy said...

Great leather jackets.
You can achieve the same look by throwing a vintage one in the washer and dryer - an old tip given to me by a rag house dealer.
Have a great weekend.

ANNA said...

those hats! amazing!

nicolette said...

yum times a million. sigh, i love leather.


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