Thursday, October 7, 2010


During my short 1 and a half day trip to Paris, I went to see the Ra exhibition. It was actually the opening party so there were lots of 'important' people there, and to be honest, I couldn't feel more out of place, haha. Uhm, hello Rad Hourani passing us on the street - on his way to the exhibition too.
The exhibition itself was rather small but kind of wonderful nonetheless.
I have some pictures, but some of these pieces look way better in person. And yes, you're going to have to take my word on that.


narelle dore (australia)
paula selby avellaneda (argentina)
daniel andresen (germany)
kia utzon (denmark)
romain brau (france)
dimitri afanasenko (ukraine)
elise gettliffe (france)
anna kushnerova (russia) + hiroko hirasawa (japan)
lliure briz (spain)
irene alvarez (spain)
sayaka yamamoto (japan)
pierre-antoine vettorello + marie le traon (france)
hicham berrada (morocco)
sophie gaucher (france)
petrus heeren (belgium)

Moccasins by Elise Gettliffe, Tipi by Irène Alvarez

hide a.h

This was part of an installation, but I forgot to look whose it was. Way to go, stefanie.

Both of these were from Narelle Dore's little corner, my favourite! Peach & other pastel colours, delicate fabrics, including some really nice laser-cut ones too.

Another view of the tipi, let's play a game of "Spot Rad Hourani's quiff!"

Hicham Berrada

Kia Utzon-Frank - Really intriguing amber jewellry pieces/

Pierre-Antoine Vettorello + Marie Le Traon

And I met these little fellas on the way out!


heleen said...

Rad Hourani!!! dayummm. Volgende keer dat je in Antwerpen bent gaan we eens samen naar Ra? Weet je trouwens hoe lang deze tentoonstelling loopt? Ben van plan rond kerst naar daar te gaan en moest wel heerlijk zijn als ik dit kon meepikken!

Family Lawyers said...

i love those flats looks really comfortable and pretty


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