Monday, October 25, 2010


Remember how last season I made these humongous posts summarising my fave shows in NY/LONDON/MILAN/PARIS? Yeah, well, that isn't going to work out this time. Seeing as I've seen very very very little (and by that I mean maybe 5) shows, I can't honestly give you any kind of summary. Instead, I decided to pick one of my all time favourites (Balenciaga) & the collection I thought was 'the one to watch next season' (Neil Barrett) to make this lazy 'fashion shows' post (sorry). In my defense, it's not nearly spring/summer so no need to rush & go watch all the shows just yet!

Ok so I thought Neil Barrett did a really great job last season, he was sadly unknown to me before that, but you can now officially call me an NB-fan. Why? Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. This collection was more feminine than the last one, it also had some more great jackets (which was what made me fall in love with his collection in the first place) and overall gorgeousness. You're going to make an awful lot of girls very happy with this, mister Barrett.

Then on to the classics, well, if you can call Balenciaga a classic that is. The last few seasons, I always thought Balenciaga could easily be described as 'futuristic' and in my opinion, this time was no different. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, no, it only means it takes me a while to get used to the collection and to actually like it. You know, like the CD you buy, but not really LOVE at first spin, but then you give it another try and end op listening to it hundreds of times, & it ends up in your all-time-favourite playlist? Well, that's exactly how I look at it. So do I LOVE this collection? Not right now, no, but I'm showing it to you because I think he is one of the best designers out there, reinventing himself (for Balenciaga) season after season after season & we can't but appreciate that.

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costra y ampolla said...

those balenciaga shoes are insane!!

Angeles Almuna Design said...

love your choices! The first photos are a fabulous contemporary nude collection! Love it....and the second one, full of structure, modern punk and definitely Superb to me!
Kisses and thank you for your comment!

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Tamara said...

I found Balenciaga's collection a little bit dark to be a summer one (very cool, anyway, sure!).

les petites pestes said...

Did you go to the Yeasayer concert? Bet you did!


Les Petites Pestes

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

These collections are so contrasting, but both so fantastic!!

blog mode said...

love the minimalistic style of the first pictures, very inspiring :)

Sophie said...

i love those nude colours!

the gorgeous said...

I'm sooo in love with balenciagaa! the fabrics, the neutral colours, the patterns and these hilarious shoees! :)

Latashia Cast said...

I want all those dresses and more that i found on rockallaccess and oklahoma


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