Monday, August 30, 2010


I know I'm not really a music blog (I'll let my sister do the honors), but since I really do love music, I thought - Why not. The new video from The Drums (who you might know from that song with the whistling lalala I wanna go surfing thing, yes, them) came out today and it's really lovely & simple & perfect. Be sure to watch it!

While I'm at it, I never had the chance to post these wonderful pictures Hedi Slimane (a.k.a. my absolute favourite photographer) took of The Drums last year. They fit the mood of the video quite well I think, so if you're not into that kind of music, you can still look at some great pictures. You're welcome.

Video via Stereogum

All pictures from Hedi Slimane

If you loved these, check out the rest of them (yes, there's even more!) on his site AND check out part II as well! Hooray!


ediot said...

LOVE those photos-theyre great. now im gonna listen to the song. thanks for sharing. i really like listening to new music. the underwater case was that cheap because it was originally made for an camera that wasn't avaliable any more.. but it could fit other camera models too-- and it was on sale- other camera underwater things are at least 80-90 dollars so we had luck finding the one we got ;)
hope you had a sweet weekend darling

Mademoiselle Marie said...

love the pics :)

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

amazing pics

danica said...

hedi slimane captures images in black and white like no one else. thanks for sharing!

modHello! said...

I love these pics!
music + fashion = the real inspiration

kisses from Milan, gaia

sueper said...

leuke banner van je blog - had ik nog niet gezien, mooi gedaan! en leuke jongens van de drums!

Kate said...

Oh I love Hedi Slimane and I am just getting into the Drums. Perfect entry! :D

And do you have a link to the Lacroix sketches.

Adele said...

Your blog is fabulous! Great content great images! Really love the layout also!

Adèle –

Sofia said...

мне понравились фотографии))они достаточно эмоциональные))

mara said...

this is a GREAT POST. thanks for sharing :)

i really love the black and white photos. pure awesomenesssss

kisses from the philippines xxx


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