Monday, August 16, 2010


Today was a good day: I found 3 super amazing pictures on the internet.
(click on the pictures for the original sources)

This is a collage by Liesl Pfeffer called 'The Mountains Wait'. There's a print of it available in her Etsy store.

I actually posted this picture on here before, but never knew who actually took the pic. Well, until today: it's by Lizzy Stewart!

And another beautiful picture by Elizabeth Weinberg (I did a post on her photographs not too long ago, here). Isn't this super super sweet?


Kate said...

Everytime I see that picture with the awesome cat I have to smile. Such a great thing to do :D

S said...

Haha that picture is kinda sweet, bar the fact that it's written on portaloos!!


Tamara said...

The second one made me laugh!

amaturecouture said...

hahaa, great humor! i love that 1st pic!


don simon said...

that cat photo is indeed, well... awesome. very reminiscent of the works of the fabulous david shrigley:

Joy Chou said...

I love that last photo. Lucky Adam!


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