Monday, July 26, 2010


No, this isn't another travel post, this is about a magazine, TOURIST magazine!
I'm not that good with words (why did I ever start writing a blog??), so I'll let editor-in-chief Sanna Helena Berger tell you all about it:

"TOURIST magazine is an ever evolving platform for art, music, some kind of fashion and literature. We don't look to compete but support and collaborate with artists, musicians and writers with similair or completely different points of view. We dont cherish brand spanking new music more than old, we don't applaud new collections more than previous ones and we don't look to advertise overpriced and by questionable standards, produced garments. When did expensive and impossible to find become so unbearably cool? I look to my 5 year old niece for inspiration when it comes to fashion and my 90 year old grandma when it comes to attitude."

Did you read all the way through? Or just skipped the part in italic? Ah nevermind.
Anyway, the site is really worth checking out and if you (like me) don't want to miss out on any new editions, subscribe (and no, this subscription won't even cost you a penny, just pop in your e-mail address!) and they'll let you know when the new edition is up. Easy peasy.

This editorial (from issue #5) 'THROUGH THE BACKYARDS' by photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski really caught my eye, have a look!

All pictures from TOURIST magazine

Also, the TOURIST blog is pretty great as well, be sure to visit!


Mash said...

intereting pictures :)

Sylvia etc... said...

looks a very interesting approach (just subscribed!) and the pictures on their blog are just awesome!

Lyn and Haily said...

these photos are great. love the bath tub one.

Hazel Blog

Kate said...

Oh, yes! I also discoverd them some das ago and they're full of goodies. Love their photos and articles!


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