Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hedi Slimane went to Coachella and took some pictures. Makes me wish I was there. Anyone have plans for summer festivals?

All pictures from Hedi Slimane Diary


daisychain said...

amazing photos! I wish I were going to a festival or two this summer but sadly not possible :(

leeselooks said...

i wish ...but you never know!

but i know there will be heaps of concerts in bryant park and in and around nyc. it's the best time of the year here : )

LOVE these shots. that girl is stunning

hope you are well lovely


ronel said...

great photos..:)

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Tamara said...

These are so different and refreshing, nothing to do with what you normally see from Coachella.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

these are gorgeous.

the gorgeous said...


Casey said...

these pics are cute!
but whats up with that guys stomach in the 2nd one? hahah
love it!


Betty said...

It's pretty interesting and cool to see fashion photographers working with non-models. Like that first girl with the blonde hair and black shirt. She's so awkward and young and there's something boyish in her face. Although I think my favorite picture is the last, the closeup of the hair.

ediot said...

great photos! i wouldve loved to be at that festival- never seen so many of my favourite artists together on the same festival-

xx ediot

Trop Rouge said...

these are all so pretty....

Jason said...

ahh..wish i had gone to Coachella too.


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