Sunday, February 7, 2010


I know, my post titles are amongst the most creative ones here in the blogosphere... I guess I just like them to be short and very clear about the post's subject. But please tell me I'm not the only one struggling with post titles. Anyone?
But ok, let's get to the point: prefall collections!
It's kind of hard to keep up with these collections since, unlike the usual spring/summer & autumn/winter season, these shows aren't grouped into one week. They're in a totally random order and the first ones were already shown in the beginning of december! So, I didn't want you to miss out on all the goodness, hence this image-heavy post!
Let's take a look, shall we?// NOTE: I only post a few of the looks, if you like what you see, make sure you check out the rest of the collections!

First up: Chloé.

A few of the looks were a bit too masculine for me, but overall this isn't bad at all. I just posted the looks I liked the most, check out the rest of the collection and tell me what you think.

Next: Moschino.

I don't think I've ever featured a Moschino collection on here, I tend to skip most of the Milan collections -oops. Why? I guess Milan is, of all 4 main fashion weeks, least my style. (my list would be: Paris/NY/London/Milan style-wise. Do tell me your list.)
Back to Moschino, this collection is quite cute, right?

Third: Stella McCartney.

I'd kill for the first look. Seriously. Another great and very wearable collection, I envy the girls who get to wear Stella. At least I wear her perfume, that's something, right? (I use 'Stella in 2', peonies mmmmm)

Fourth: Viktor & Rolf.

I know not everyone is going to like this, but I do. Because they're worth it.

And last but not least (told you this was going to be image-heavy!): Celine.

Not super super excited about this collection, but I do like the direction Celine is going. Getting Phoebe Philo to design for them was of course a very smart move.

Anyone care to pick a favourite?


sofie said...

stella!! love the collection : )
chloé too
but the leather in the celine collection looks like plastic, a bit weird!

Steffi said...

You're right Moschino is so cute! It's kind of retro but I really like how they blend 60s and 80s!

And Stella McCartney is just amazingly chic, cool and relaxed!

Oh, and I love Viktor & Rolf! especially the pink and turquoise jumpsuits!

leeselooks said...

hi lady! so happy you are back.

oh my. stella stella stella. i can wear it all.
can't wait for FW.

even though i LOVE chloe . . . this pre-fall was WAY too grandma-ish for me. it lacked the simplistic nature which i so dearly love


liana said...

celine and viktor and rolf!
i mean, i adore the chloe too, but they've done better.
i love how celine is getting better and better.
VandR are always such a stand out...(meaning you can't ignore any of their pieces..they catch the eye).

as much as i love stella, she has done better.

JaNielle Studer said...

Glad to see the capes back!

Young Mind said...

I'm also happy to see capes! They're so cute, and sophisticated!

Fenke said...

wow the blue jumper from v&r... i want it in my closet.. NOW! and the oversized jacket/coat thing can come with it...
funny: i recently bought some pants like the ones in their first picture, black cotton with some shiny material on the sides. i wasn't sure about them, but now i see them here and think: mmh not so bad... :-)

Sylvia etc said...

love at first sight for Stella McC's collection, very 70's and surprisingly what Chloe should be looking like ... x

Amoureux d'Amour said...

I really love the masculine angle that Chloe have taken this collection, all of them still have a lovely feminine edge. The third look is particularly beautiful; I'd kill for that dress! x.

Tashie said...

Hey, have been a follower for a while. I love the Moschino collection and the feathery skirts for the last one. xxx

nichole said...

The strong shoulder is definitely back. Not sure how I feel about this!

Rachel said...

I think I may joys have to LIVE in the Stella collection...

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

stella!!!! amazing. that last viktor and rolf dress is divine too

Womens Leggings said...

Amazing outfits! That white coat is to die for!

S. said...

Love stella mccartney looks!

the gorgeous said...

love all them! but Stella McCartney is my favourite! I want it all! LOL!


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