Monday, January 11, 2010


If you follow me on twitter, you probably already read this, but I recently came across a blog I really really like. You may or may not know this but I'm a sucker for LARGE images. And this blog has got just that. Here are just some of my random favourites, but there's lots more where these came from... All pictures via I am tired of this shit.

Audrey Hepburn.

Helena Bonham Carter.

Salvador Dali

Also, I've been meaning to ask you this readers! Tell me if you're liking the direction this blog is going, or not, if you have any recommendations, some things you'd like to see more up here, give me a shout!


Brigadeiro said...

Such amazing pictures! Is that really Audrey Hepburn?!? Incredible! LOVE your blog as it is ;)
Happy New Year!

Moi said...

You don't have to change anything I like scrolling your blog with all those amazing pictures.. ;)

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Great selection of images, especially love the Audrey one!


Valentine said...

I like big pictures too! There's something so bold about them that makes you stop and look. As for blog changes, I like your blog the way it is, mademoiselle. Okay, so I never comment all that much but Im a creepy silent stalker sans the creepy part. lol.


Chelsea Nicole. said...

I love the large pictures, loved your blog for quite a while now & just started a blogspot up myself! :)

That dali picture is one of my favorite photographs in the entire world.


Steffi said...

Wow, that is Audrey? Love your selection, oh and your blog, too!

the gorgeous said...

really inspiring pics!! awesome.

Ambush Studio said...

Priceless find, thank you!!!

Ayla said...

love that last picture. such a famous picture in the photography world.
i love the size and layout of your cute blog.

Susana R. said...

Hi :)

wow these images are amazing, I'm gonna check the blog!

Happy 2010
Susana R.

MAGDArling said...

such a beautiful photos;)

elk lighting said...

Love the pics and your blog rocks

miriam said...

oh my, dali dali!

and yes stef, love your blog and the direction you're taking. am such a sucker for enlarged photographs!

Anonymous said...

also a sucker for big bigbigg photos. let you appreciate the details so much more! said...

AMAZING AND FANTASTIC PHOTOS. I saw the last one in person a week ago in Stockholm. Museum of modern arts. LOVE Dalí

Your blog is killer, a new favourite*

LINA said...

helena bonhamnca rteriss ob e autiful

imane said...

i liiike it !!
i'll be back here for sur
your blog is pretty coool

cheeky girl


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