Saturday, December 5, 2009


For the new prefall collection of Chanel: Paris-Shanghai, Karl Lagerfeld wrote & directed a short movie,"Paris-Shangai: A fantasy", just as he did with last year's Paris-Moscow collection. In the movie you can spot Freja Beha Erichsen, Heidi Mount & of course, Karl's fave: Baptiste Giabiconi. Is it a good movie? Well let's just say most models aren't made for acting... But still, the movie's pretty entertaining so go have a look!

More pictures & info on Chanel News.

1950's, Paris: Coco Chanel is having tea with her friend, the Duchess of Windsor, who tells her about her adventures in China, a country Coco has never visited. Once her friend has left, Coco falls asleep on her sofa. She dreams of China, a fantastic and surreal place, blending her friend's souvenirs with memorable scenes from Classics of the 30s where she encounters their protagonists.


leeselooks said...

anything karl - infused is amazing. bottomline.
i think he is an artistic genius ! ! !

sending love beauty


daisychain said...

love this post girl

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, can't wait to watch these short films later! Have you seen any of the recent (feature length) films that have been done on Coco's life? I really want to see the one with Audrey Tautou, loved her in "Amelie" and think she's such a charming actress!

Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment dear, always so nice to hear from you! <3


Valentine said...

Ive seen the first part but actually fell asleep during the second one.. not because I was bored.. I was just extremely tired.. haha.. will watch these further later. but from what Ive seen... its pretty good.

Cant wait to see Freja act.. should be.. entertaining. hehe..


heleen said...

"entertaining", haha, das een goede beschrijving! t beste aan deze filmpjes vond ik freja beha, maar dat is wsh omdat ik nu eenmaal houdt van alles wat zij doet.
khoop dat Karl in de toekomst zich vooral verder bezig houdt met kleren ontwerpen, want de filmindustrie lijkt toch niet helemaal voor hem weggelegd. ;)

un petit lapin said...

Karl Lagerfeld is just too cool for school.
Thanks for sharing this!

miriam said...

fabulous videos, steph!

i can never get enough of karl's creativity.


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