Monday, October 26, 2009


That's what I would call the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010 collection. Yes, it's been more then a month since the show, but I promised to slowly catch up with the shows I missed during fashion week so here it is.
Loads of prints & colours, this is Marc Jacobs at his best.

All pictures from

And if you're in desperate need of some sweet music, go over to my sister's blog for a new SSSSOUNDTRACK, edited by Swiss duo Pharao Black Magic. I warn you though, if you hit play you won't be able to stop listening to it.


Nata said...

Marc Jacobs is one of my fashion idols.
He's just a revolutionary god.

All those wonderful colors.
Looks like a RAVE part of the most exquisite degree.

- Nata

Krystal said...

so fun

Somewhere Here said...

loooooved this show! The styling and make-up was perfection


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Lovely post STEFANIE. I do not care for one that has been a month late :P Loving the colours and its vibrance! MJ for President!

liana said...

this is what i'm into, what i love to wear. lots and lots of colour, and quirks.
great post.

leeselooks said...

the colors are BLOWING my mind.

i freakin love marc jacobs!

sending love

Anonymous said...

uber cool musik! x.

Fenke said...

that is really your sister? i love her blog!
and marc jacobs: CUTE!

miriam said...

fantastic collection, marc must be one of the most talented designers on this planet!

Jyun said...


sofie said...

oh my oh my, i hadn't even seen these pictures/collectione yet, oopss
looking forward! ; )

Kb said...

Such a lovely, vibrant and fun collection! I need to catch up on fashion week too, it's so overwhelming...


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