Monday, August 24, 2009


Some of you have probably heard of the upcoming collaboration between Christopher Kane and Topshop! It's almost here and I've got a preview for you!
It will launch next month, prices are between 60$-310$ and includes 39 pieces with shoes and bags. Get excited:

Pictures from


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...


Hmm. Yuksek didn't come huh, that is really bad, but still he is great producer :P

heleen said...

Ik wil er echt... alles van.

Living and Loving In L.A. said...

I love that blue dress. What a great color! I can't wait to shop this collection. Too bad there's no Topshop in L.A.

becca. said...

oh my gosh.
that black studded bag.
its love.
i must buy.
gorgeous post!

Becca xoxo

miss a. said...

I CANNOT wait for this collection!!! I've already pegged that white dress in the top row.

imane said...

beautifull post

i love your blog by the way
i'll be back here for sure

cheeky girl

Brigadeiro said...

Love the shoes! :)

leeselooks said...

topshop HAS to start shipping to CANADA!!!!

amazing collaboration.

loves to you


miky said...


Raez said...

looooooving those stud tights:) please topshop, come to canadaaaaa!

xx raez

Summer said...

That yellow and the blue ones are so fantastic! =D

Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Antonio Barros said...

This collection is so cool! I want some dresses to make some tests...

the singular

delina. said...

all the items are so beautifulll!!!
hebben, hebben, hebben x

heleen said...

Ja, doen!! Ik vind dat fotos van zo'n wegwerpkodakje er vaak veel leuker uitzien als van een gewone camera. Wanneer ga je naar Italië?

Valentine said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! sigh.. I doubt the Topshop we have over here would actually carry these. sigh. sigh. sigh.


KATLIN said...

i'm starting to despise these one time only collabs between designer and chain stores... i love the concept of allowing the masses to have a more affordable 'designer' piece, but the collections get so hyped up all the time that by the time they come out its not as fun and it seems too played out already. the ones i do like still stay true to their design ethos and level of quality and detail... i'm hoping the rodarte X target one does so! though i know its got its fair share of hype before pics have even been released! ok, sorry for my rant. oh, and i love the colbalt bustier dress! :)

KATLIN said...

ok, really sorrry, but another thing: sometimes it seems like they're also selling out when they do collabs with chain stores... i dunno, maybe i just have to get off my high horse, even if i don't own any designer stuff, haha.

hélène said...

oh do you have any idea of when the collection hits stores?? I would loooove to get my paws on some of these pieces!!


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