Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today, my blog is exactly 1 year old. I never thought I'd even get past a week, but apparently, I did! And I have all of you to thank for that. Thank you for making blogging such a nice experience, thank you for sticking with me and thank you for ALL your lovely comments.
In this past year I've got to know some of you lovely ladies (oh and boys too of course, allthough there aren't as many male bloggers out there!) and I feel like I've been keeping pretty anonymous. So, I'm giving you all the chance to get to know me better, I'm doing a Q&A post. Ask away, don't hesitate, the more the merrier (even those who don't have their own blog, you're welcome to join!). Oh and don't keep this fashion-only, if you're interested in things besides fashion, let's hear it.

Also, the blog may look a bit weird over the next couple of hours,I'm doing a bit of work on the lay-out (after a year, this baby needs some polishing). My links may now be found on the bottom of the page: where to find me- facebook, twitter, myspace, - my list of lovely blogs, and finaly -this is new- a list of online stores which I think are definitely worth a visit. (I am not responsible for angry credit card companies I'm afraid!)

So that's about it, Happy Birthday blog and LET'S HEAR THOSE QUESTIONS! I'll do the first one: What's your name? Hello, my name is Stefanie, what's yours?

Picture by Akihiro Furuta


heleen said...

Haha mijn eerste blog-verjaardag komt er ook aan!

Euuuhm oke vraagjes:
Parijs of Londen?
Wat is je favoriete ijsjes smaak?
Als je je in 1 designer moest kleden voor de rest van je leven, wie zou dat zijn?
Victoria's Secret of Agent Provocateur?

sofie said...

what's your favourite thing to do when you're not blogging? ^^

sofie said...

*OH! and tell us about your most favourite piece of clothing at the moment : )

Susanna-Cole said...

Happy blog birthday, dear! <3 I know just what you mean, I never thought I'd last a year, but it was quite exciting when I did! ;D

Hm, a question, can I ask a few, (first is completely random, but random questions are fun! :P)

- Do you believe in aliens/extraterrestrial life?
- If you could only wear one piece of clothing, for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- If there was a fire at your home, what would you save first (assuming any family members/friends/pets are already all safe)?


P.S. I'm loving your layout!

Brigadeiro said...

Happy blogaversary!!!

Who are your favourite designers?

What type of medicine would you like to practice (hope I remembered this correctly, and that you're studying medicine? If not, I apologise :))

Living and Loving In L.A. said...

I love that picture! What a cute little dog! Nice new format too, I'm loving it! And Happy Blogoversary!

Ruth =] said...

I've finished the book now, and I have to say that it was heartbreaking! Only in the very last chapter do you truly understand what Briony did and tears were streaming down my face by the time I had finished - I really recommend it!

Questions... Questions...

Who do you have most respect for an why?

And who/what/where has caught your imagination in the last week and will not let it go?

Happy BlogBirthday :) xxxx

miriam said...

happy birthday yespleasemademoiselle!

- can't you tell us more about what you do? are you studying/working?
- do you have a favourite city?

leeselooks said...


its mine too- and your post just reminded me ;)

sending all my love your way.

Q: what is your ULTIMATE passion?


daisychain said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Which blogger(s) would you most like to meet and why?

Raez said...

hey hey miss stefanie! thast great to hear youve gone on year, congrats! also, loving the new layout, its fabulous!

xx raez

delina. said...

Gefeliciteerd! nice layout, my guestion, what are your favourites shoes? haha xx

miss a. said...

Happy birthday to your blog! Keep up the fabulous work you've been doing for the past year & I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us internet-trollers. :)

Question.... what is your favorite line from a film or book?

Summer said...

Oh goodness! That was so great! Your blog now is one year. And hope you will pursue it more years. =D i'm happy for you and your to your blog. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Kristin said...

Congrats on the milestone!

Kate said...

First of all Happy Birthday to your blog! One year is a long time and not many people manage to keep it up like that :)

My question: How important has blogging become for you over the past year? Do you consider yourself a "blogger" or just a person who has a blog, because there is a difference I think.

sue said...

hello, ik ben eindelijk terug en dan nog wel op je blogbirthday!!!

gefeliciteerd en 3 dikke smakkers

Afraid To Die Young said...


smokylash said...

héé happy blog birthday !! I love your blog !


fashionable palette said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary! Love your blog.


R.A said...

Happy birthday!! A toast to many more!

Love, Roxy

S and O said...

Congratulations!!! and Happy blogday!!! :)

Ok so I've got a question for you...what do you love most about this blogging, what keeps you inspired? What would you say has been the most fun?

Ok that's two questions:)



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