Thursday, July 9, 2009


So while you're reading this I'll probably be soaked and muddy from head to toe, but let's be positive here! There are 2 things I wanted to show you, I'll show you the first one today and the second tomorrow!

I got myself a necklace at Urban Outfitters. I'm so happy with it! I don't wear jewelry on a daily basis (as in never), so I have very little jewelry. I have a little forget me knot ring my sister got me for my birthday, my SUPER Lanvin bracelet(best buy ever?), some stud earrings and that's about it! Pathetic I know, but that's why I couldn't resist from buying this one. If I was ever going to buy myself a necklace, this should be it. It's a little military locket (and you can put a little picture inside! ^-^)

Whoopsy the links to my pictures don't seem to work so if you want to see
the Forget me knot ring, go here:
the Lanvin bracelet:

Tune in tomorrow for the next one!


miriam said...

what a beautiful neckless, and i hope you're having fun at the festival!

DaisyChain said...

I hope your having fun!

Brigadeiro said...

SO SO jealous of your Lanvin bracelet! It is GORGEOUS! :)


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