Saturday, May 9, 2009


Was I the only one who LOVED Stella McCartney's jumpsuit at the Costume Institute Gala? Anyone?

Picture from fashionologie

Apparently the jumpsuit was made just hours before the gala:
"Her good friend Liv Tyler, whom we met at the Time 100 gala, admits the black-lace jumpsuit was a little thrown-together. "Stella and Kate [Hudson] and I all got ready in Stella's suite at the Carlyle, which was like a four-hour process, and when I arrived at two o'clock they were literally cutting a piece of lace fabric with scissors, which later became Stella's outfit. They made it in two or three hours," Tyler said, laughing. "It was coming apart at the seams at times and they were literally making it till the last second we left, but we had a ball." - Via The Cut

Picture from fashionologie


Brigadeiro said...

Absolutely amazing! Can't believe it was made in a few hours! She pulls it off beautifully!

miss a. said...

For something that was made in a matter of four hours, it looks amazing! I would buy it. :)

Jenny H. said...

ahh no i loved it.
she looked incredible... as she always does.

leeselooks said...

I FREAKING loved it!!!!!

her + ms bosworth-- a few of my tops for the night.

have a stunning weekend loves.


boubou said...

Yeah i'm agree she were literally gorgeous ...:)
happy saturday !

TakeaDoubleTake said...

ahh gorgeous!

LANA said...

Wow, did they made that in just 3/4hours? :O

I like Stella's outfit more than the other ones to be very honest!

KJZW said...

I love Stella and thinks she looks amazing. I love any of her lace designs!


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