Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Hi everyone!
I'm going to Paris in about 10 days and I was wondering what YOUR favourite shops/places/restaurants/etc. are in Paris! Give me some advice please? ^-^


fmmp said...

Oh, I'm so jealous, would like to go there. There is a very fun gay-bar in the centre ville, I went the too, just to see what it's like. It was fun. Please take me with you! haha.

Victoria C said...

Wow I am so jealous of your trip to Paris! Have so much fun, make sure to stop by Colette. xo

miss a. said...

That pic is too cute! Definitely hit up the Surface 2 Air showroom. Isabel Marant is close by, too. And don't forget to check out the windows of Hermes!

R.A said...

Colette is a must-do! My main inspiration for opening a boutique. would be extremely handy, be sure to browse through it for insider's tips! Brief on my blog,

p/s: I linked your site for Laura Laine's illustrations :)

Bisous! x

Alice X said...

UGHH SOOOO JEALLLOUS. jardin de tulerie? i've never been but it looks beautiful from pictures.

tanya said...

soooo jealous!! Hope you have a fantastic time :-)

stephanie said...

so much fun lady!!!!


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

lucky you!! of course so happy for you at the same time :) my fav place is disneyland lol :D & justing walking around makes me happy

Twobreadsplease said...

So jealous that you're going to Paris, I've never been before. Have fun! x

Raez said...


a few students in my highschool just came back form the annual paris trip. needless to say, was so jealous.

wish i had shops to recommend, have fun dearie!

Brigadeiro said...

I am so so jealous!

My favourite shops:

*Dries Van Noten (of course, my absolute favourite, you have to ring the doorbell to get in, and then you're transported to another world...)
*Vanessa Bruno
*Louis Vuitton on Champs Elysee
*all the shops down St Germain Boulevard & in the vicinity (too many to mention)

*Chez Omar - Algerian food, I believe, but the 'royale' couscous/meat dish is incredible!

Loved Hotel Costes for (expensive though) drinks, my sisters tell me Buddha Bar is great too.

Crepes in Montmartre or Montparnasse (I like the earlier, at the foot of the Sacre Coeur)

Ooh, have a ball ;) (and can I sneak into your suitcase?)

Shini said...

oooh my have fun fun fun! :D if you're bored take a Eurostar up ;)

Eeli said...

Such a lucky clucky bird you are!!! So jealous right now :*( If I knew my way around Paris I would so tell you the hotspots but I don't and so you will have to go everywherrrrrre and find many many cute stores and eat many many lovely food and feast on many many spunky men hahahahaha

Oh my goodness I don't know whether I should laugh or feel sorry for that poor guy! Geez, I hope your med professor helped him with some med stuff! haha



Flashes of Style said...

Lucky lucky you! this photo is fantastic

M said...

You're so lucky!
I'd love to go to Paris :)

miriam said...

you're so lucky - love paris!

my favourite tea shop/salon Mariage Freres in Marais. their tea tins (to take with you home) are just divine!

LoveMore said...

OKAY this is the PERFECT picture for this post! and i am SO jealous and only WISH i could give you tips!

my tip is ask Noemi from XXn and Life in Lomo - she is a djette in Paris!!! :)

have the best time and i demand you take 1000 photos at least :)

xxxx bel

Isabelle said...

love those old cars!


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