Friday, January 16, 2009


So I hope I'm not boring you with all of these prefall shows, but this is Lanvin and since I'm a Lanvin-lover, I'm not keeping this one from you!

Pictures from

Big fan of #3 (first row) and #2(second row).
The sequins-look on the second row is obviously pretty over the top, but the gold sequined skirt could look great with a simple black top (and maybe a Lanvin necklace if you still have money left after buying the skirt ^-^)
Oh and PS! Look closely to the model on the last 3 pictures of the first row! Recognise anyone? Maybe with platinum blonde hair? It's Hannelore Knuts! Talk about long time no see...

There were some other prefall shows too, like Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler.
I'm only showing you one picture of Balenciaga because, well, I didn't like it... I'm not anti-fur but this looked a little too scary for me!

Picture from

And I'm still sifting through the Proenza Schouler pictures, I can't seem to keep my selection of looks under 20... So expect another post of that real soon, after I narrowed my selection a bit!


sueper said...

de rokjes zijn geweldig - en de naam Tiga is echt geïnspireerd op dj tiga - ik vind hem wel een lekker stuk ;)

Lisa said...


look #1 - second row.
yes yes yes.

happy weekend.


Pamy Rangel said...

Never enough from Lanvin!


KATLIN said...

I really like how the pre fall looks are getting a little better in terms of presentation... though I do prefer a plain background, so I can see the clothes better. And I am anti-fur, but I really love the proportions of the fur sleeves in the Balenciaga pre-fall collection. Very interesting idea!

M said...

Lanvin can't bored!
I loved this collection :)

DaisyChain said...

Oh Lanvin, LOVE it.
Thanks for the link. I laughed. A lot.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love.
No adore.
Wait no, worship. LULA!

I still need a subscription though, its harder in the States... =]


miss a. said...

I love Lanvin's jewelry. I'm such a maximalist sometimes, and Alber just makes me want to bling myself out all the way.

LoveMore said...

oh thank love! got into Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts..double i am happy! :)
good luck with your exams! only one week of freedom is not much though! tear! xxxx LM

LANA said...

Nummer 2 uit de eerste rij, daar ben ik fan van :D. En de laarzen zijn ook super!
Net als die broek van Balenciaga trouwens.

closeup said...

I get your point- I don't like these gorilla arms either.. but I think they would be pretty warm for these cold days^^

Claire said...

Nonono, I'm happy to worship at the Lanvinv throne!!!

Sarah said...

wow, great outfits! lanvin 4 ever!

ana b. said...

This is quite dark for Lanvin, is it not? And all the heaviness and mixed up textures is wandering into Chanel territory. While I love some of the looks and I'm kind of intrigued by the new direction, I'm not in love with all the heaviness, particularly in some of the other pics in the Pre-Fall collection.

Rosanna said...

lanvin is love!


Sam said...

Those looks from Lanvin are just divine!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

How can you bore someone with images like that?! my favourites are 1 & 2 from row 1 and the last look in the second row. I do like Balenciaga, except those hideous fur sleeves, they look like the model has been replaced with gorilla arms or something. Gross, and absolutely unnecessary

yiqin; said...

I really like the gold that is appearing in this collection!

Anonymous said...

Hannelore is the best!


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