Monday, January 19, 2009


If you hadn't already noticed, I'm a big Hedi Slimane fan. I have his website on speed-dial in my browser (you can't really call it that way since it's an internet browser and not a phone, but you get the point). So Hedi has 2 files where he regularly posts new pictures, one is called 'Hedi Slimane diary' basically his diary in pictures, people he meets, places he visits etc. The other one is called 'Fashion diary' where he posts pictures of editorials he shoots - most recently the Lara Stone editorial for Paris vogue, I posted one picture here:

But also new in his 'Fashion diary' were these pictures he shot at the home of Yves Saint Laurent (along with a few pictures of his good friend Pierre Bergé) and I think these are some of the best Hedi Slimane pictures EVER. Maybe it's just because they remind me of Yves Saint Laurent, you tell me, but I think they're amazing.



Ambroisine said...

The pictures of YSL home are awesome !
I love his desk with all the nice drawings/photos behind..and the dog is so cute..Thx for sharing :)

Paris Tarts said...

Oh myyyyy! I never have seen these pictures! Love them <3


Sarah said...

great pictures, really amazing!
i like the dog :)

Just A Little Girl said...

oh my god i totally agree with you....i wish i could shoot like that! and i love that vogue shoot! i love your blog, keep it up! :) x x x

sarah said...
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sarah said...

love the hedi slimane pics x

Lisa said...

toooo amazing.


i can't get enough.
i love the lara stone one.

happpppy monday love.


Petra said...

These are increadible!! Truly amazing and phenomenaly beautiful.

You have wow-ed me with this post. Such inspiration and beauty!

wow wow wow xx

Stephanie said...

gorgeous!!! Your blog is amazing! Thank you for coming by leChic and leaving me a comment otherwise I may have never even discovered your fabulous blog!

re: the balenciagas. Do you know which collection/yr they are from? Cause I asked the seller and their response was resort or spring 07 but when I browsed I couldn't find them.


Stephanie said...

thanks!!! I'll check again until I track them down ;-)

BTW- I added you to my bloglovin ;-)

Cory K said...

These pictures are outstanding. Thank you for sharing! (:

Nina (femme rationale) said...

these photos are amazing. thank you so much for posting them. and i love hedi slimane, too. ;)

Petra said...

I had to come back to have another look at these amazing images!!

And to let you know that I tagged you on my blog xx

Aisha said...

Yeah, Hedi's pictures are pretty amazing. I check out his diary all the time too!

nice blog!

M said...

Great pictures. Hedi's a genious!
I love the Lara one :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Lara looks so cozy and sexy mmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

the ysl pictures are truly inspirational, hedi slimane never seems to get it wrong, i love all the great photography you have on your blog

sofie said...

hahaha i came back to see them again too =)
how sneaky

michelle said...

stunning stunning stunning!

Emily said...

this pictures are incredible, especially that last one!

LANA said...

Ge-wel-dige foto's! Moet hem ook maar onder speed dail zetten :P!

Irene said...

These are great!

Ellen said...

Beautiful! Hedi is love.
Thanks for the comment, yes I think it is easy to say that I am definitely a Cut Copy fan haha.

ryder said...

amamzing pictures.


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