Friday, December 5, 2008



Wednesday Karl showed his newest chanel collection, chanel paris-moscou.
He opened the show with a silent movie he had made (watch it here)
That's why people were sitting in these red plush seats (see picture below)


I didn't really care for the collection itself, I'm not a big fan of too much fuss on clothes and too much fuss was defenitely present. Gold with red & black, it felt really christmas, but bad christmas. The girls also had huge ornaments on their head, with gold chains and pearls and glitter. Not really my thing. Don't get me wrong, there were nice looks too, like this red coat with the red high boots and patent tip (of course).
Well think of it as you like, look at the collection on (or any website you like ^-^) and tell me what YOU thought of it!

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Oh and for those who were wondering, I did end up ordering the lanvin bracelet, I'm so excited to see it! (It's from the fall-winter 2007 collection, I got it on for a good price, I wouldn't be able to afford a full priced lanvin haha!)


Arty Bloody Farty said...

hmm, i'm really a fan of chanel

Arty Bloody Farty said...

oh shit, the comment thingy really went crazy, sorry about that!

what i meant was; hmm, im not really a fan of chanel.

although the red coat was fine!

Sunniva said...

I love the red coat! I'm just so hooked on red right now xxx


gosh that red coat is amazing!!!THE FOOTWEAR IS INSANE!love it my dear.

Krystal said...

Amazing! xo

Kenza said...

The show looked like amazing !

Miranda said...

the red coat is amazing
and what i've seen of the collection you're right
a little too much fuss
i like his simpler stuff

DaisyChain said...

Loved this collection
and I'm so happy/jealous in equal measures that you are getting the bracelet!

michelle said...

I think it's lovely :)

Stompface said...

I am just fascinated by the whole thing.

I love the movie seats and the silent movie start. Very cool.

Shini said...

Oh the headpieces with red is amazing. Hah you got the lanvin, great!

jaleh said...

!! congrats on the bracelet, it's wonderful!

i liked the chanel collection a lot more than i expected, actually. normally i am not a big fan of chanel at all but i thought this one was excellent haha

KATLIN said...

I absolutely LOVE the headpieces!

Bella said...

Chanel never gets it wrong. Amazing.


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