Tuesday, November 4, 2008


with this bag! Too bad it's YSL...
picture from turnedout.tv

And don't forget to check this out on turnedout.tv, it's an ode to Christophe Decarnin from Balmain! (Click on the image to continue)


Lisa said...

wow lovely bag!

xoxo Lisa

yiqin; said...

Ah I like it too. I am suddenly really into bags!

DaisyChain said...

Oh that bag! MINE. (I wish) =)

sofie said...

love ittt! :)

MR style said...

great great idea when u come to Paris !!!! oh and christophe decarnin is amazin !! and julia restoin roitfeld too

Lisa said...


what do i have to do to get this bag?

aw stefanie. your comment was so sweet.
those h&m folks! crazy people.

i think i know what asos.com jacket you are talking about but its not grey- i decided against it and am going with black- i do like the grey but i do not know the quality ? and it could end up looking tacky (!!!)
oh dear.
what would we do without online shopping?

thanks for the wonderful comment girl.
you're such a doll.


Eelie said...

Oh! Beckett is definately be keen but i'm pretty scared that his popularity will grow greater than yours and mine so perhaps he can be a part of our groupie entourage instead haha! And yes you are most certainly right about that dress also lol.

As for the bag i just saw one similar in a store down here but it was far toooooo overpriced. Why are green gfunky bags so expensive Stef? :(

And i hope you have a fabulous week too!

Valentine said...

if there's something that i cant run away from-- its balmain.. despite the fact that i cant afford it and thus making it very painful to see-- i just have to look at everything and anything balmain.. its like a curse.



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