Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hi everyone, I'm back!
Here's something for you, it's denim.
All pictures from Current/elliot

I first read about Current/Elliot on because of their perfect boyfriend jeans (last 2 pictures on the image above). But they are more than just boyfriend jeans! They have a lot of great denim jackets and dresses, skirts, shorts,... all denim of course. These pictures are from their holiday 2008 collection, but be sure to check out their website for the fall 2008 collection!


MR style said...

hey merci pour ton com !!!! le tien de blog est super egalement

Lisa said...


glad you're back.

so crazy that you posted this as i have that biker coat in my virtual shopping bag... just debating what to do! i always do that... hoard all this stuff & then "remove from cart".
oh dear i'm a nerd.

have a beautiful night !


Simone said...

Love the jeans... and the jacket.. and the dress... thanks for posting!

hrose said...

welcome back!
great post, the jeans are very cool.
am looking for a pair like that myself.

Miranda said...

perfect boyfriend jeans!
makes me want a pair really badly
the rest of their collection looks really good too!

KATLIN said...

I am loving that gray dress a lot a lot a lot!! :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my goodness that denim dress on the last row! Never seen one like it but I love it! <3

And aw don't worry about the abscene, I know what you mean! My new job has me so busy I hardly have time to do anything but sleep. :(

Thanks though for taking time to stop by and leaving such a sweet comment, I absolutely love hearing from you! :)


Krystal said...

amazing! period!

Petra said...

Those are the perfect boyfriend jeans! Gorgeous denim pieces. Glad you are back x

Mel said...

i love this whole rugged and raw denim appeal. beautiful post, have you been well dear? xx

Funky-FiFi said...

The boyfriend jeans are amazing!

Kristin said...

Totally digging the dress!


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