Friday, October 17, 2008






All artwork by Francoise Nielly, aka Miss Fluo


Miranda said...

wow these pictures are amazing!

AusAnna said...

these are so beautiful. the colour is beyond amazing. x

Eelie said...

AAAARGH! Finally SOMEONE in this blogosphere who can relate to the yuckiness that is physiology! We can be in pain together! Please send a cyber sword straight through my heart now!

I'm studying business but i take a physiology paper just for interest but most definately dropping it after this semester haha. What a star pupil i am! *cough*

What do you study?

In regards to your post the artworks are so beautiful and amazing. I could go to a gallery and literally stay there all morning, afternoon and everning. Its just truly amazing and awe-inspiring to see the techniques the artosts have used. And then you have thoughts of their inspirations, the reasons why they used this inspiration, why they chose their colour palette...etc. Oh, i could go on forever!

Excuse my rambling you'll get alot of that :(

masha said...

definetely vibrant feelings
i have nothing else to ask for
simply amazing :)

DaisyChain said...

Wow, gorgeous!

MR style said...

oh wow !! isnt it kate moss on the first one with another model on the right !!?

Jess said...

I wonder how she paints these? If there's a special techniwue or just brush.

Very eyecatching. xx

Lisa said...

my goodness.

i don't even know how to thank you love!

your words were taken straight to my heart ( sorry to sound cheesy )

have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


Mimi said...

Fascinating works!I adore these.

ashleigh said...

wow. these are beautiful. loving the colors!!!

Bella said...

Incredible! The brushstrokes are really intense... and the first is my favorite!

saray said...


Funky-FiFi said...

Hey! Pour répondre à ta question, oui Chaussland n'est qu'en France il me semble ^^

Allure said...

Stunning work! The mix of colours is amazing.

Jess said...

Ar right, a knife. They must be so fun to paint.
Thanks for the youtube link, the tehcnique looks really fun.
I've added your blog link down my sidebar.
Still stunning, xx

freya said...

amazing pictures, i really like the colours.

choppyshades said...

this is fancy. love the colors!

-choppy shades


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