Monday, October 6, 2008


Thanks everyone for the wishes I got on my previous post ^-^ It sure is fun to read all your lovely comments!
So paris fashion week has ended too... BUT I'm not ready to let Paris go just yet! Meet Bérangère Claire, a french (parisian) label! I really love the shirt-dress.
The collection isn't very large, you can see it on her website

All pictures from

Oh and have you heard? Valentino fired Alessandra Facchinetti and they didn't even tell her! She had to hear it from the media. I think that's kind of rude actually. She was doing a great job in my opinion, but apparantly Valentino didn't think so.

Have a great week!


michelle said...

Absolutely incredible shots! :D Thanks for clearing up the Viktor & Rolf confusion~ (:

Ashleigh said...

top it !

Trendy Gourmandise said...

love the dress

stellawantstodie said...

Oh, paris! beautiful city!!
thanks for visit my blog, go quickly to pull&bear XDD

Eelie said...

hahah yes your clue you gave me was a dead giveaway! You don't even need to wait that long, ze next one is up :)

As for the shirt dress it looks so comfortable. The signature of the brand also reminds me of another but i cannot for the life of me remember and is annoying the heck out of me now.

What a horrible way to hear that you have been fired! I'm not familiar with that conflict but seriously she should have the decency to tell her. Its just a horrible way to find out the news

ryder said...


who is going to be on hers place?
when did it happen? is this a joke.

answer on this comment im a subscriber.

Sunniva said...

Oh I love this label and the photos so much. So very Parisian chic..which I love!

♥ fashion chalet said...

That is rude (about Valentino) never much liked his stuff anyway.. :/

Thanks for your comment, yes the dress is a (subtle) floral print. Hope your Birthday was everything you hoped it to be!!

xo/ fashion chalet

EMMA said...


I bought the Chanel blazer from a woman who bought it herself in 2002. so new or vintage?
Euhm, i would say both?!

x emma

ps: love the top pictures!

STEFANIE said...

ryder, I'm sorry but it is true about Valentino, I read it in an article from NY Magazine:

The new designers (Yes 2!) will be Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, who have designed accessories for Valentino for a very long time. I'm sad to see facchineti leaving... and the way they did it is just awfull!

ryder said...

that is so awful, i mean what valentino did. tnx so much for the info.


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