Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was a bit sad when I heard that the Japanese artist Nagi Noda died last week,on september 7th.

Maybe You haven't heard of her before, but she has made some works I really love and she also directed music clips for some of my favourite artists (Tiga & Cut Copy). My ABSOLUTE favourite is her clip from the ex-fat girl.(see picture) Check out the video below too -really!- it's HILARIOUS!!

Another favourite are her animal hats:

As I mentioned before, she directed a couple of music video's, for Tiga, Cut Copy, and some japanese artists.
Here's the video she directed for Cut Copy:

To see her other works, check her website, it's really worth the visit!
All pictures are random google finds.


sofie said...

i loved the ad she made for coca cola too:

Jillian said...

freaking AWESOME!

KATLIN said...

I loved her stuff!!! Her film stuff was so creative and really fun to watch. I never knew her by name until I saw those animal hair pics earlier this year. I had seen that poodle workout video before and thought it was so bizarre, but I couldn't take my eyes off it! She is such an incredible talent that will be missed, but remembered in a great way!

Stompface said...

those animal hats are crazy!
but so cool!

sorry I confused you, I confuse myself sometimes. haha


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