Sunday, September 28, 2008


OK so I know I've been a bit late with all the fashion show posting, I totally missed london and milan fashion week (hope to catch up with that in the first few weeks, but that may not work out because of homework and stuff...)
BUT! Paris fashion week has started and I'm not going to get behind on my favourite of the 4 fashion weeks!
balmain SS09
Pictures from

First up is Balmain! I loved the blazers, the dresses and the shoes! I'll bet they'll be very wanted. You heard me Zara, start working on a pair of those!

The title of my post is referring to the song Paris is burning by Ladyhawke. If you're interested in music,or you want to get some new stuff on your ipod, visit my sisters blog here. I highly recommend it!


Miranda said...

i loveee the new balmain!
esp!!! those studded shoes.

sofie said...

yay! free advertising! ^_^

Susanna-Cole said...

OMG I love these looks! Especially the jeans in the first set, and the shoes in the second! Everything looks really gorgeous though!

Thanks for your comment and offering to let me know if find something new from Breakbot, cause I'd love to hear more of his music! And if I happen to find anything on him, I'll let you know as well! :)


Stompface said...

ohhhhhh I am in love!!!
the shoess... amazingggg
Oh and I am fully in love with that first picture, that amazing jacket and distressed denim.
far out.
this is too much to handle I WANT IT FOR MYSELF.

You have great taste in music!! I love Ladyhawke!

♥ fashion chalet said...

HAHA whistling is hard for me too. ---OOOH, love that BALMAIN!

xo/ fashion chalet

Eelie said...

lol. I read your title and i was like that LADYHAWKE!!! You must be an NZer aswell then? hehe

And thankyou! But it can hardly be called a videopost lol. I was simply trying to 'break the ice' (not intentionally Britney inspired haha) by posting a silly short vid.

Actually i detract that NZ statement. You must be somewhere in the Atlantic since ye know Zara. And i agree those dresses and shoes are fab... ESPECIALLY those dresses ;)

saray said...

love the balmain collection!

choppyshades said...

oh my god! those jeans are amazingly coool. i love ripped jeans.

and i also love ladyhawkes song, "paris is burning". great post:)

Vain and Vapid said...

Such an amazing show. I can't imagine who can top this one this time around. ... oh and I am already dreaming about those shoes....

Jessica said...

Oui Oui Oui.
Balmain was hot this season ! I'm usually not a big fan !
We should link, i just found your blog and i liiiike it :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I'm obsessed with Balmain


Balmain collection definitely getting stronger each season non?
The cloud like jeans r fab...& the shoulder shape is beyond words...
Hope to hear fm you too dear...

ryder said...

the best show this season!!
im so in love with their shoes.
and the dresses. the dresses are so perfect that they left me speachless!


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