Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm pretty new with this blogging thing. I've been reading all of these amazing blogs lately and I said to myself -as did many of you before myself- "Hey! Why don't I take a blog?" And so I ended up with my very own spot here in the blogging world.
I'm still not quite sure on how this blog is going to go for me, at the moment I still have 3 weeks of vacation left (WIIII!!) so I will definitely be posting some stuff!!

SO... I like colours! Bright colours. Neon isn't always my favourite, but I will make an exception for these cuties! They have all these crazy colours like Yellow Submarine, Atomic orange, Cobalt blue, Ultra Violet, ...
Available on their website or at Browns

Toywatch plasteramic watches in Plutonium Pink, Ultra Violet and Kryptonite Green


Richel said...

the purple is my favorite!

Wendy said...

Pretty intense colors!


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